Cyberwrecker YouTuber Sojang denies ever writing an apology letter and deposits 100 million KRW  (~75,260 USD) to suspend the court’s decision

The cyberwrecker YouTuber Sojang has put up 100 million KRW  (~75,260 USD) to block the court’s enforced action against her for spreading false information about IVE’s Jang Won Young.

On February 12, according to sources in the music industry, Sojang filed an appeal back on January 17 after disagreeing with the initial court ruling where she was fined 100 million KRW. 

The court imposed specific conditions to suspend the enforcement of their ruling. Specifically, it required a deposit of 100 million KRW from ‘A’ (Sojang) to approve the suspension. Should Sojang deposit the specified amount, the court will halt any forced execution actions, such as seizures. Conversely, should Sojang fail to make the required deposit, the suspension of the execution will be revoked. Following this, Sojang deposited 100 million KRW to prevent the enforcement of the court decision.

It has been reported that Sojang also denied being the author of an apology letter that circulated in online communities.

In June 2023, a netizen, believed to be Sojang, confessed to creating inappropriate videos, stating, “I was out of my mind, whether it was for views or money.” However, Sojang has since refuted this confession, claiming she had no intention to apologize.

From 2021 until July 2023, the cyber wrecker Sojang has been spreading malicious news and rumors about various celebrities.

Concerning Jang Won Young, Sojang has propagated false news ranging from personal controversies to rumors of discord. In response, Starship Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Sojang in October last year, alleging continuous damage to their reputation through the dissemination of false information.

Both parties seem to persist in the legal process, filing appeals until they reach a satisfactory outcome.

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