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Crush has finally made his comeback after two years with “Rush Hour,” featuring BTS‘s J-Hope. He completed his mandatory military service just last month.

Crush guested on Episode 15 of IU‘s Palette to promote his comeback. During the 46-minute episode, he displayed his true personality as he bowed several times throughout it.

IU (left) and Crush (right)

Near the beginning of the episode, Crush and IU caught up, talking about their connections. They remembered how they had guested at each other’s concerts before.

Considering they are not very close friends, Crush was especially touched by IU’s guesting at his solo concert as it was also a holiday. IU revealed that she had actually gone to the concert straight from the airport from her own concert abroad.

Crush: I was really thankful for you back then because that was December 31st!

IU: Right!

Crush: You could have had other schedules, but you gladly accepted it at once. Thank you.

IU: Can I add one to that? That day, I finished my last concert in Jakarta and came back to Korea, and I went there right away on that day.

Crush: Directly from the airport.

IU: Directly from the airport.

Crush was even more grateful than before. So, he bowed to IU, much to her surprise.

Crush: I should bow to you at least.

IU: Oh, no, please.

Crush: Long may you live.

IU: There aren’t many who actually do this.

That was the first of many times Crush bowed during the episode, though. Later, Crush talked about working with J-Hope for “Rush Hour” and how the BTS member had worked so hard that he even researched all of Crush’s work beforehand.

J-Hope didn’t stop there. He sent flowers and a cake to Crush and even snacks to the set of IU’s Palette, asking them to take care of Crush.

This guy seriously surprises me every time I see him. There’s a reason why he’s successful.

— Crush talking about J-Hope

Crush was so shocked and touched by J-Hope’s kindness on his behalf. IU said that J-Hope’s gesture communicated that he must think so highly of Crush.

Crush: Why does that make me…! I mean… I just brought myself here. Oh my gosh.

IU: That’s how fondly J-Hope thinks of you as a person. That’s how he’ll be this nice for him so we got to think the other way around. ‘Crush must be a great human being.’

Crush: Thank you, J-Hope.

IU encouraged Crush to bow toward J-Hope to express his gratitude as he had done earlier for her. So, he did just that.

IU: You should bow once.

Crush: I’m bowing twice today. Thank you!

IU: Oh, wow! Never saw someone plop down and bow like that.

Yet, Crush didn’t stop there. He then bowed towards BTS’s fandom, ARMY, who has been supporting his comeback, as well as IU’s fandom, UAENA! After bowing so much, IU expressed concern for his knees.

Crush: Thank you so much, ARMY!

IU: You bowed three times today.

Crush: Thank you, UAENA!

IU: Seems like you have bad knees. I can hear crunching sounds whenever you bow.

Even at the end of the episode, Crush bowed again!

There are multiple ways to bow in Korean culture. The big bow in which one goes on their knees as Crush did is reserved for special occasions to communicate either extreme remorse or gratitude. So, Crush’s actions speak volumes.

Fans couldn’t help but be impressed by Crush. He really made sure to thank everyone sincerely.

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Watch the full episode below.

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