Constantly experiencing problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried

2019 continues to be a year of hard working and productive TWICE with a comeback schedule, dense concerts, variety shows and domestic and foreign events, especially the Japanese market. Although it is somewhat "exhausted" compared to previous years, but compared to the common ground of the contemporaries, TWICE is still firmly in the top position with admirable achievements during a working year. by. However, besides that, 2019 also witnessed many unfortunate events that happened to some members of the group, which directly affected not only their morale and health but also more or less caused difficulties in common activities. of the 9 members as well as making the fan community nervous.

Sana was fiercely criticized for her Instagram post

In the early days of May 2019, Japanese member Sana unexpectedly faced a lot of controversy from the audience because of a Japanese post on her Instagram account. Specifically, in an important moment of the transition to the new dynasty of Japan, the TWICE member uploaded it to MXH with the content expressing positive personal feelings about this country. Immediately, she became the target of netizens attack, especially at the time when the issues related to tense conflict between Korea and Japan were becoming more serious.

  Sana's controversial post. Sana's controversial post.

Many people are angry that Sana's actions are unacceptable when she is a singer who is active in the Korean market, not only has she criticized malicious intent, even asked to boycott the singer. In addition, there are many supporters of Sana who believe that the content she shares is completely normal and has nothing to do with political issues between the two countries.

Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried about the image 1 "width =" 680 "height =" 504 "src =" 6614249 / na1.jpg Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried about the photo 2 "width =" 1537 "height =" 2048 "src =" 6614249 / na2.jpg

After the incident, Sana became shy in front of the camera and the audience some time later. On the music stages, she was no longer happy and comfortable as before, instead of wry expressions, sometimes crying, rarely laughing and standing close to the members. The singer even burst into tears when many fans still supported her amid the terrible pressure from the public.

  15.Sana (TWICE) 15.Sana (TWICE)

Jihyo was photographed in an Asian sex scandal

In March, while Jung Joon Young's scandalous sex scandal exploded, information about the group of depraved chats as well as related female victims was always concerned by the media and audience. In the midst of everything, a hot photo of the leader of Jihyo suddenly appeared and shared with dizzying speed across the forums, causing fans to be extremely confused whether the female singer was involved. regarding the current noisy or not. But not long after that, she was vindicated when the picture above was confirmed to be just a blatant cut from another person. JYP also immediately issued a notice to reassure fans and promised to take legal actions to protect the chickens.

Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried 4 "width =" 620 "height =" 393 "src =" 6614249 / ji.jpg Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried about the image 5 "width =" 620 "height =" 408 "src =" 6614249 / ji2.jpg

The incident seriously affected the spirit of lead vocalist Jihyo. Accordingly, on her business trip to Japan a few days later, the female idol appeared with a sad, frustrated face, bowed her face and shed tears in front of the reporter's lens. A large number of Twice viewers set up the hashtag #WeloveJiHyo on social media posts to comfort and encourage her against malicious rumors.

  Jihyo. Jihyo.

Mina had to temporarily stop working due to a mental illness

In early July, JYP suddenly issued a notice about Mina's absence in the group's upcoming activities due to health reasons that surprised the fans. Specifically, after meeting the doctor, the female idol was diagnosed with anxiety disorder after a stressful time with serious stage fear. Characteristic of this disease is constant anxiety, insecurity, this situation occurs suddenly with a degree of difficulty to control. Previously, fans had seen Mina appear with a tired and exhausted appearance many times. She returned to Japan to rest and treat with her family.

  Mina made fans worried about her situation. Mina made fans worried about her situation.

A few months later, during the 2 nights of a world tour TWICELIGHTS TWICE in Japan, Mina suddenly appeared, performed with the members and interacted with the audience with a fresh, confident and beautiful appearance that made them breathe a sigh of relief because of the health situation of TWICE. She has improved. Fans hope that she will soon return to strong fighting with her sisters in the near future.

  Mina watered and laughed more on the stage. Mina watered and laughed more on the stage.

Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried about the photo 9 "width =" 660 "height =" 990 "src =" 6614249 / mina2.jpg Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried about the photo 10 "width =" 660 "height =" 495 "src =" 6614249 / mina3.jpg

Jihyo and Kang Daniel were given evidence of dating

On the morning of August 5, Dispatch shocked the Korean entertainment industry with the unexpected dating news of the TWICE leader, Ji Hyo and the "national center" Kang Daniel. Specifically, the popular news site revealed that the two artists began to travel back and forth in early 2019 after being introduced by a senior artist. Despite the busy schedule, Jihyo and Kang Daniel still try to arrange time for each other. Shortly thereafter, the two agencies hosting the artists also spoke up for confirmation.

Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried about the image 11 "width =" 550 "height =" 543 "src =" 6614249 / he-n.png

Information released shocked fans quite. Besides the enthusiastic support of the people when both were the leading talents in the artist world at that time, there were many negative controversies surrounding this relationship, almost stemming. from avid fans, especially Kang Daniel's fans when he debuted solo. Not only that, every move of both are noticed by the audience, the previous dating images are constantly being scrutinized, discussed and created many controversies that are not worthy of much impact. the work and personal life of both Jihyo and Kang Daniel.

  Kang Daniel. Kang Daniel.
  Jihyo. Jihyo.

Nayeon is stalked by crazy fans

Last October, the TWICE fan community was aroused with the information of a huge fan of Nayeon member named Josh. This guy always claims that the female idol is his girlfriend and is currently monitoring all activities and private life of Nayeon. Josh thought and prepared crazy plans like plastic surgery, renting a house in Korea, and going to JYP headquarters to easily approach her when sharing in the posts on MXH that made fans feel confused. Previously, Josh constantly left shocking comments in Nayeon-related posts and even tried to get TWICE's dorm address by contacting hard fan accounts. of the group.

Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried about the photo 14 "width =" 960 "height =" 600 "src =" 6614249 / fan.jpg

Noticing the abnormal and potentially dangerous expressions for Nayeon, fans immediately asked JYP to quickly handle the incident and take measures to protect the female singer. JYP has issued a notice to reassure fans, promising to ensure the safety of the artists. However, Josh does not seem to care about the warning from the company and still intends to come to Korea. In the face of Josh's stubbornness, the fans only keep watching closely and report to JYP.Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried about the photo 15 "width =" 800 "height =" 1200 "src =" 5666357 / nayeon1-1545546187304213572626.jpg

Jihyo was injured when he fell at the airport

Most recently, member Jihyo continued to encounter an unfortunate incident. Specifically, on the way back to Korea on December 8 after the schedule in Japan, Ji Hyo suddenly stumbled upon a fan who followed and fell to the floor, resulting in injuries due to chaos and crowded. foundry at the airport. The fall seems to hurt the singer quite a lot and requires the support of Sana and Chaeyoung to get into the car. Fans were told that Ji Hyo cried as soon as she got in the car.

  Jihyo had to ask for the help of the two members in the group. Jihyo had to ask for the help of the two members in the group.

After that, a fansite voiced responsibility for his unintentional actions. Accordingly, this fansite also sent an apology to the female idol and at the same time temporarily stopped her photography activities. JYP also issued a warning to the fans about the hustle, following the artist at the airport that hinders the movement and said there will be legal actions to solve thoroughly if this case happens. Again.

Having constant problems in 2019, TWICE made fans worried about the image 17 "width =" 490 "height =" 812 "src =" 6614249 / jihyo.jpgSee also: Thanks to 'What Is Love?', Twice's view count continues to get new numbers

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