Chorong’s agency releases statement and states they will release the entire conversation if needed – Knetizen – KpopHit

Park Chorong’s side “The recording was edited evilly… We also have a recording” refuting school violence

“We are here to inform you of our position regarding the recent phone call transcript.

‘A’ only revealed part of the phone call and maliciously distorted it.

During the first call, ‘A’ threatened Chorong and showed unexpected behavior like talking about personal matters that were neither true nor related to the issue. First off, Chorong apologized without asking for details. She apologized regardless of the reason because they had a close relationship in the past and it was true there was some sort of conflict between them. However, she did not admit she was involved in school violence. ‘A’ wanted to meet up, so they even tried to arrange a date.

As we previously revealed about how ‘A’ continued to threaten Chorong for over a month, ‘A’ is telling stories that have nothing to do with the issue by revealing past photos and only a part of the recording.

We also have recordings of the first and second calls, and we submitted them as evidence to the police. We wanted to reveal the truth in accordance with legal procedures, but because “A” is continuously making malicious postings, we will release the recordings if necessary. cr

original post: theqoo

1. If you have any recordings, please release them

2. Please reveal Chorong’s recording too!

3. Please reveal it!

4. I bet the company also distorted parts of the stories with their recordingㅋㅋㅋ

5. Just reveal it

6. I support the victim

7. So if they have their own side to the story why not reveal it??

8. Can they reveal their recording?

9. Park Chorong is so low

10. Yet they’re still not revealing anything?


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