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Article: ‘Idol married couple’ Choi Minhwan and Yulhee divorce after 5 years… “Father will take custody of the three children”

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+470, -64] I knew there was something wrong with her when she dropped everything to get married at 21. She’s getting divorced after having three kids? And giving all the custody to the father? What a weirdo. She doesn’t make any money of her own but bragged about all the money she was spending on her kids’ education every month… honestly, good on the guy for ending things with such a thoughtless woman early on~~~

[+169, -0] She’s the one who confessed to the guy, who was an FT Island member and her senior at the time… she was also the one who broke out their scandal by posting a picture of them having a date at her home on SNS… Then she kept promoting while pregnant, dropped out using her panic disorder as an excuse, screwed the group to flop-ville (the members didn’t even know she was getting married until they read the news)… Then she crawled back out to TV while starting YouTube.. She just seems like a very spontaneous person who acts in the moment. How many lives has she ruined with her irresponsible decisions thus far…? Laboum members, her three kids… I feel bad for all of them.

[+163, -12] I do wonder how bad things must’ve gotten for her to want a divorce after three kids right in front of her… I hope they’re able to find happiness on separate paths while still doing their jobs as parents!

[+129, -8] For a marriage that was going to end in divorce, they sure had a lot of kids though ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+78, -4] A lot of young couples are getting married and divorced lately. Seems to be more common. And not for any crazy reason either, it’s usually just financial problems.

[+74, -1] It’s so rare for mothers to give up custody rights just like that…

[+71, -2] So the husband is going to raise the kids, what does the wife intend to do out of the home all by herself??? Genuinely curious… She wants to pursue something else other than raising her own kids?? 

[+49, -5] Their poor kids… ㅜㅜ

[+36, -0] She feels very immature and naive. She’s probably feeling FOMO seeing her friends live their lives but you can’t have three kids and give up responsibility just like that. Time flies fast and she’s going to regret this later in life.

[+35, -1] The husband’s side of the family seemed way better anyway..

[+33, -2] I don’t care what anyone says, a mother giving up custody of her three kids is not anyone I have anything nice to say about

Source: Naver

[+166, -12] Don’t the mothers usually get custody?

[+150, -11] How do you have three kids with someone and then decide to get divorced.. that’s so irresponsible. Did they think marriage would be child’s play? They should’ve tried to make it work for the sake of the kids.

[+113, -2] I feel bad for the kids. There’s nothing wrong with divorce but it will hurt them a lot.

[+88, -1] This is shocking. They looked like they were doing so good together… The grandma’s got a lot of years of suffering ahead of her with three kids now.

[+46, -1] I had a feeling that things would get hard for Choi Minhwan with how spendy Yulhee seemed. Her kids weren’t even in school yet and she was spending 8 million won a month on their education. That’s all Choi Minhwan’s money in the end.

[+42, -2] Even after a whirlwind of marriage and kids… she’s still only 26 years old. I wonder if they feel any remorse towards their children.. especially after exposing them on TV shows and everything~

[+41, -3] In our current generation, none of this stuff is big news anymore. Divorces have become as common as remarriages.

[+32, -1] I hope that they spend some time apart, get their bearings together, and try to make it work again

[+25, -2] Wow! That doesn’t seem like the best decision for their kids..

[+22, -5] I don’t know what a woman who left her home and three kids behind could possibly say about this situation

[+18, -1] Considering that their kids are still at an age where they need their parents around, this whole thing feels selfish and irresponsible of them. Who knows who had the bigger hand in causing this… but I wish they’d stop and consider the kids above everything else. The father’s getting custody, though, and I hope he understands that his decisions now until they’re adults will impact them for the rest of their lives.

[+16, -0] So the mom has to pay child support then?

[+16, -0] Raising kids is no joke. There are plenty of couples who are barely getting by with two incomes in the family.

[+20, -5] Considering that the father is getting custody when the kids are all so young… it’s quite obvious who the divorce is to blame

Source: Naver

[+139, -3] Probably one of the saddest divorce news… what could’ve happened… Three kids to boot… ㅠㅠ

[+102, -1] Maybe she was exaggerating for the sake of TV but I was quite shocked with how much she was spending per month on her kids when her husband’s the sole income earner. 8 million won a month on their education, and that’s on top of other household expenses already. I don’t know many people who can uphold so many expenses without being a chaebol already…

[+86, -9] We better not see her on TV acting like the victim after all this

[+24, -4] Don’t mothers usually keep custody of their kids? Why is it all going to the dad? She didn’t even want the oldest?

[+20, -2] ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ This is terrible ㅠㅠ We live in a world where it’s harder to keep your family together than it is to break it apart…

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