Chinese Groom Who Looks Miserable On Wedding Day With Woman 20-Years Older Goes Viral – KpopHit

The wedding ceremony of a couple in China is going viral online.

The unnamed man and woman were spotted with gloomy expressions on their wedding day, the opposite of what most people hope to be feeling when they tie the knot.

The groom’s photos, specifically, were the talk of the town on Chinese social media sites. Netizens noticed that he couldn’t manage to smile even in their official photos.


They inferred that he was unsatisfied by their large size difference. The groom reportedly weighs 65kg (143 lbs) while the bride is almost double at 115kg (254 lbs).

They also have a large age gap of 20 years—the man is only 23 years old while the woman is 43 years old. Netizens were convinced that he was “frowning” and “put off” because of these reasons.

On her end, the woman, too, exhibited a gloomy expression and stiff body language.


Reports confirmed that it was not a love marriage between the two. The bride’s family fully paid for the wedding and even gave the groom’s family a dowry of CN ¥100,000 ($14,000 USD).


Comments about their incompatibility were strewn all over news sites. Chinese netizens mentioned that they should not have pushed through with the marriage if they were both dissatisfied.

  • He looks like he has given up on life.
  • Marriage is supposed to be between two willing parties. If you’re not happy being with someone, you should give it serious thought, even if it involves a lot of money!

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