Child Actress Koo Sa Rang Accused Of Mistreating Cat + Mother Apologizes

Koo Sa Rang has requested to step down from her show.

On January 22, a source from SBS’s children’s program “Here and There Delicious Class” (literal translation) shared, “Koo Sa Rang recently requested to leave the program, but nothing has been decided yet as it is currently in discussion.”

The source revealed that the pre-recorded footage with Koo Sa Rang will be broadcast as normal. They stated, “Koo Sa Rang is currently appearing every other week, and since a lot of footage remains from cancelled broadcasts and pre-recordings, her [parts] will continue to air until the end of February for now.”

On January 16, a video of Koo Sa Rang opening a box of gifts from BTS’s Jimin was uploaded to her official YouTube channel. In the video, when Koo Sa Rang’s cat tried to go inside the box and showed interest in its contents, she threw, pushed, and hit the cat. Netizens pointed out the abuse, and the video was deleted from YouTube. Koo Sa Rang’s mother posted an apology on her Twitter account sharing that Koo Sa Rang had apologized to her cat and was reflecting on her actions.

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