Cherry Bullet's Linlin Gives Update After Months Of Being Absent, But Fans Are Worried About What It Means

Cherry Bullet‘s Linlin has opened her personal Instagram account, and fans are worried about what it means.

Three of Cherry Bullet’s members, Linlin, Kokoro, and most recently Mirae, have been missing from the group’s activities for a while now, and fans have been demanding answers from FNC Entertainment about their whereabouts and why the agency has not released a statement about their absence.

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Fans were worried about the two because there was absolutely no word about them, but now that Linlin has opened her personal Instagram, fans are part relieved and part worried because while its an update, it can also mean that she’s left the group and maybe even the agency itself.

Most of her captions, however, are in Korea, which s leading fans to assume she’s in Korea and are holding outcome amount of hope for a good outcome.

But fans are additionally worried about members Kokoro and Mirae, because now that they’ve at least heard from one member, the radio silence from the agency and the other two members is getting too much for them to bear.

FNC Entertainment is yet to release a statement about the situation.

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