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On March 6, the production team for Itaewon Class confirmed BTS V‘s potential participation on the show’s soundtrack. V has now shared details about this new “healing” song.

Shortly after initial reports about V’s involvement came out, V and RM hosted a live broadcast while waiting to perform on Music Bank.

In this “R&V” broadcast, they talked about V’s MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 solo, “Inner Child”, and his current songwriting projects. The song V refers to here is believed to be the one for Itaewon Class. 

“Among the songs that I made, this song is…” V said. “It’s my type. Yeah. I love this song.” According to RM, V was actively involved with the song’s composition. V and the staff searched for the right instruments to match with the particular sound V had in mind.

V wrote the song while abroad, without thinking about its success in terms of “ranks” or “grades”. His goal was to create a healing song for ARMY.

I don’t want to think about ranks. I don’t want to relate this song to grades. Regardless of grades, I hope this song could heal ARMY when they listen to it. [. . .] I just worked hard to make the fans happy.

— V

“When we work, to be honest,” V said. “we only appear on the show. And that’s it. I just wanted to give more to ARMY in other ways for them to heal.” 

With more cases of COVID-19 being reported every day, there has never been a better time for a healing song. “I’m pretty sure it will heal many people,” RM said.

Find out more about V’s involvement in Itaewon Class here.

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