BTS’s V Has Johnny Stimson Hoping For A Collaboration After He Sang Along To His Song

Johnny Stimson couldn’t hide his excitement after BTS’s V sang along to his song on Naver’s V Live!

On December 14, V held a live broadcast in his hotel room in Japan, and he kicked things off by playing—and briefly singing along to—Johnny Stimson’s song “So. Good.”

The next day, the American singer took to social media to express his gratitude to V and share his hopes for a potential real-life collaboration. Sharing a clip of V from the broadcast, he wrote on Instagram, “So crazy; Taehyung from BTS singing along with So. Good. on his V Live yesterday!! Thanks for sharing bro!! Haha hope we can sing together in real life sometime??”

He repeated the sentiment in a photo he posted to his Instagram story, writing, “Wowow!! Could hardly believe this when I saw it on Twitter!! Thanks Taehyung for sharing my song. I [heart] BTS.”

Johnny Stimson also posted the same video clip and a similar message to V on Twitter, writing, “Thank you so much Taehyung from BTS for sharing my song!! Maybe we can sing together in real life sometime???”

Would you like to see V and Johnny Stimson singing together in real life? Share your thoughts below!

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