BTS’s V Finds Everything Cute: Animals, Kids…And This Creepy Robot – KpopHit

Would you be scared or have his reaction?

BTS‘s V loves anything small and cute! He’s super fond of his pet dog Yeontan

…loves to baby his fellow members…

…and always greets children with a big smile to his face.

V has mentioned how he is so fond of kids that one day he hopes to be a great dad.

Just by his interactions with BTS’s choreographer Sungdeuk and son Moa, it’s apparent that V just can’t resist anything small and cute!

The most unexpected thing V found adorable recently was during BTS’s rehearsal for their Yet to Come in Busan concert — and it wasn’t just his fellow members!

While backstage, V encountered a robot from Boston Dynamics, an American engineering and robotics design company.

These dog-like robots may appear creepy to some people, but to V, it was absolutely precious!

Oh, oh, oh, cute!

— V

Focusing on practice was a little hard when the robot came over and V couldn’t help but play with it. He even gave it a pat on the head!

In a previous video, BTS got a surprise visit from Boston Dynamics’ robots named Spot and Atlas where V did push-ups with one of them. It seems he can really make friends with anyone!

Check out more from V below.



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