BTS’s V and Yoo Seung Ho kept their promise to reappear on ‘Running Man’… filming today.

A special meeting between BTS’s V and actor Yoo Seung Ho has been arranged.

According to News1 on the 20th, V and Yoo Seung Ho will be participating together in the filming of the SBS variety program ‘Running Man’ taking place today.

V is making a reappearance on ‘Running Man’ two months after his solo appearance in September, and Yoo Seung ho is returning after a month. The anticipation for the meeting between V and Yoo Seung Ho was heightened last month when Haha mentioned it during a ‘Running Man’ broadcast.

On the October 8 broadcast, when Yoo Seung Ho, who appeared as a guest, played a ‘con artist’ character brilliantly, Haha said, “Seung ho is adapting incredibly quickly, let’s call Yoo Seung-ho and V and do a special episode,” suggesting a special ‘Tazza‘ (card shark) episode.

Later, on the October 22 broadcast, Haha revealed, “V sent a message saying, ‘I’ll come soon,’ expressing his desire to reappear.” Also, recently, V expressed his wish to participate in ‘Running Man’ again during his fan meeting where Yang Se chan was the MC, drawing attention to his reunion with ‘Running Man.’

The participation of Yoo Seung ho, who after his debut appeared on a variety show for the first time and surprised everyone with his unexpectedly shameless con artist character, is also highly anticipated.

The appearance of the two special guests is expected to be a great boost to ‘Running Man,’ especially after the recent departure of regular member Jeon So Min. 

‘Running Man’ plans to maintain the current structure with the existing members and guests for the time being, rather than immediately filling the vacancy left by Jeon So Min.

‘Running Man’ is broadcast every Sunday evening at 6:20 PM.

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