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When it comes to games, BTS will do everything in their power to win, but sometimes they need a little outside help.


On October 8, Run BTS! returned after a two-month break. In Episode 86, BTS’s chaotic members had to answer trivia questions in pure Korean (no foreign languages) to win stickers.


While the rest of the members coaxed clues out of the staff…

…Jungkook asked for help from his father, using telepathy.

Mr. Jeon must have been listening because it worked! Jungkook was the only one who wrote the correct answer.

Later on, also called upon a higher power to lead him to victory: angels! He clasped his hands together, praying for their aid…

…then wrote down his answer quickly and confidently.

After all, angels have never let him down!


Once again, V’s prayers were answered!

Jimin, on the other hand, wasn’t having much luck. Maybe he should reach out to a higher power next time?

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