BTS's V Accidentally Fell On His Knees At The Golden Disc Awards And Jin Did This To Save Him

As the boys of BTS walked the red carpet of the Golden Disc Awards, V accidentally tripped on his shoe, causing him to fall onto his knees.

bts v falls1

While many people were shocked at the sudden fall, Jin looks at V and immediately takes the knee as well so that V won’t be embarrassed.

bts jin falls

People are touched by how quickly Jin went down to his knees to join V, commenting how it shows how much he loves his members and how he’s willing to share their embarrassment so that they’d be less flustered. Many are reminded of a past live stream Jin had in which he explains that if they are embarrassed altogether, they will become confident.

jin vlive

When the MC asked V if he was alright, the idol responded jokingly, saying, “I’m healthy!” It seems what Jin said came true, and V did shine with confidence!

bts v fall2

Check out the cute moment here:

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