BTS’s Suga Is Not Interested In Becoming A K-Pop Idol Producer

He explains why he declined his company’s offer.

BTS‘s Suga has returned with another Suchwita episode filmed before his military enlistment, and this time, he was joined by veteran actor Kim Nam Gil.

Kim Nam Gil (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @bts_bighit/Twitter

During the episode, Kim Nam Gil and Suga exchanged stories about their respective professions, and the BTS member hilariously shared at one point that he felt the actor had taken over the host position.

Curious about the similarities and differences between acting and being an idol, they naturally asked each other about their creative processes and future goals.

Suga shared that his personality has “changed a lot” since beginning Suchwita last year, admitting that he “didn’t know what [he] was doing” as a new host.

Through filming the 23 episodes that have been released so far, Suga realized that his guests have been “calm and quiet people,” which he attributed to the fact that he “doesn’t get hyper.

Suga noted that Kim Nam Gil’s experience of being an actor and CEO of his company, Gilstory Entertainment, must “feel different.

The BTS member spilled that his company had asked him if he would be interested in producing for K-Pop idols, but Suga declined, hilariously saying that he didn’t want to be responsible for someone’s life.

Suga added that he was already busy with his own work, so while he appreciated the offer, he didn’t want to move forward with it.

Although Suga is uninterested in producing his own idol or group at this time, he has produced and performed with other idols before, such as IU and PSY.

Check out what soloist IU had to say about the experience in the article below!

IU Talks About Working With BTS’s Suga On “Eight” And Her Creative Process



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