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Younha will be releasing a new song featuring BTS’s RM!

On December 30 at midnight KST, Younha unveiled the track list for her upcoming mini album “Unstable Mindset.” The first track, entitled “Winter Flower” and composed by Eden, Ollounder, and Leez, will notably feature RM.

According to the track list, RM also contributed lyrics for the song alongside Younha and Eden.

RM has often named Younha as an artist with whom he hoped to collaborate, and he has also been consistently vocal about his love of her music, frequently recommending her songs to his fans. Earlier this year, RM shared his enthusiasm about her most recent release—the mini album “Stable Mindset,” which dropped in July—on BTS’s official Twitter account, writing, “Younha’s album is out. All of the songs are really great. I’m being sincere.” 

Younha’s fifth mini album “Unstable Mindset” will be released on January 6 at 6 p.m. KST.

Are you excited for Younha and RM’s collaboration? Share your thoughts below!

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