BTS’s “Map Of The Soul: 7” Secures Top 25 Spot On Billboard 200 For 6th Week

BTS’s “Map of the Soul: 7” is still in the top 25 of the Billboard 200 chart!

Billboard has now released its charts for the week ending in April 11, and BTS’s “Map of the Soul: 7″ grabs the No. 25 spot on the Billboard 200.

This latest album from BTS was released on February 21 and features the title track “ON.” It took No. 1 when it first debuted on the Billboard 200 (which ranks the most popular albums in the United States) in March, and it’s now spent six weeks on the chart.

On the Independent Albums chart, “Map of the Soul: 7” remains at No. 3. It’s at No. 39 on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart and No. 1 on the World Albums chart.

BTS continues to top the Social 50 chart (now in their 173rd week at No. 1), and they’ve risen to No. 9 on the Artist 100 chart.

Meanwhile, BTS’s debut releases also soared on to the Billboard charts this week after ARMY’s April Fool’s Day event.

Congratulations to BTS!

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