BTS’s Malicious Commenter Fined For Their Crimes, BigHit Vows To Continue Cracking Down On Haters – KpopHit

BigHit Entertainment announced that a malicious commenter was officially charged and fined for their crimes against BTS.

The announced that they have many other suspects who have been investigated or are currently being investigated. They emphasized that although it is difficult for them to announce every process, ARMYs can rest assured that BigHit is always working hard to crack down on haters and malicious commenters.

bts bighit malicious 2


They also revealed that they will continue to heighten their legal actions against malicious commenters in 2020, and asked fans to report any suspects to the corporate email. Once again, they reiterated that there will be no leniency or settlements against those who are prosecuted.

Thanks to BigHit’s strict actions, BTS will be able to solely focus on their upcoming album in 2020!

bts bighit malicious 1


Read BigHit’s full statement below:

bighit malicious bts 1

bighit malicious bts 2 bighit malicious bts 3

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