BTS’s Jungkook Appears To Have Added A New Tattoo On His Hand And ARMYs Are All For It – KpopHit

BTS‘s Jungkook was spotted at the airport recently as the group traveled out to Saudi Arabia for their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour.

jungkook new tattoo army 4

And everyone got a better look at the tattoos on his hands! And once again his tattoos became a hot topic as fans claimed he added a new design!

jungkook new tattoo army 1

Upon closer look, the official symbol for ARMY appeared right below his “Y” near his pinky.

jungkook new tattoo army 2


Perhaps it was covered by his sleeve but the symbol wasn’t seen in previous photos when the debate about whether his tattoos were real began.

jungkook new tattoo army 6

But fans also dug up an ad where upon closer look, the ARMY sign was on his hand!

jungkook new tattoo army 5

jungkook new tattoo army 7

Once again, the biggest mystery among BTS fans became whether Jungkook’s tattoos are real, when he got them done, and what it all means.

Whether it was there from the beginning or not, ARMYs are more than ecstatic to see Jungkook express his love for his fans all over his hands!

Will Jungkook add more ARMY designs to his hand in the future?

jungkook new tattoo army 3


No matter if it’s real, fake, for ARMY or not, Jungkook’s visuals continue to upgrade with every new moment!

jungkook army tattoo hand

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