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Jin is reminding everyone that if you mess with BTS, you’re messing with ARMY too!

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BTS’s steadfast fandom is one of the largest and most dedicated fandoms in the world. ARMYs are always on guard, ready to defend the members’ at a moment’s notice.

In Episode 140, BTS teamed up with tvN‘s The Game Caterers to play games hosted by producer Na Young Suk. For the “Figure Quiz”, the members had to correctly identify celebrities and famous characters by their photos.

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Some members guessed right, but others couldn’t recognize the world-famous celebrities at all! With every wrong answer, BTS lost delicious food for their barbeque, so they were willing to do whatever took to win.

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Jungkook guessed actor Jo Jung Suk, but since he stuttered the answer, Na Young Suk wouldn’t accept it.

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The members claimed that ARMY would be understanding about a little mispronunciation and would want BTS to be fed.

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That wasn’t enough for Jin! He took this one step further by jokingly threatening the producer with ARMY’s power! He said, “If you don’t accept this, ARMY will go after you.” 

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Suddenly the strict producer changed his mind!

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Jin tried to pull this stunt again when answered “RiCaprio” instead of “DiCaprio,” but Na Young Suk wasn’t having it. Has “Jin Hit,” finally met his match?

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For more, find out what happened when V didn’t recognize Jungkook‘s favorite superhero.


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