BTS's Jin Says ARMYs

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4, BTS members gathered around the fire, under the star-glistened New Zealand sky — after having struggled all day to set up the campsite and prepare dinner.


With bellies full and faces warm, they slowly began to realize what a rough night it had actually been. And finally recognizing how “scruffy” they look, members — especially Suga — couldn’t help but chuckle at where their fates have led them.

I wonder how we look on camera right now. Like, to be honest, it has been three days out here and we look so…

— Suga

Speaking of scruffy, RM had a throwback to Bon Voyage 2 when the members visited Hawaii and looked like “country bums”.

bts hawaii

RM: I feel like we’d look better than we did in Hawaii.
Suga: Nah, at least we washed ourselves in Hawaii.

With that said, J-Hope‘s ARMY-centered mind wandered off to questioning whether or not the viewers like seeing their not-so-glitz-and-glam visuals by the campfire.

Do you think the fans will like seeing us this way?

— J-Hope


When the members grew slightly discouraged by how dirty they must seem on the screen, it was Worldwide Handsome Jin who schooled them with the only correct answer:

Jin: It’s okay, fans like it better when we’re scruffy.
RM: Or that’s what we think.
Jin: Well, let’s keep thinking of it that way.

Yes. The fans like seeing BTS “this way”…

scruffy bts 1

… and this way…

scruffy bts 2


… and most definitely this way.

Some things work this way. The scruffier, the cuter!

bts final


Watch BTS’s most self-conscious moment here:

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