BTS’s Jin Is Warming The Hearts Of Many With A Kind Gesture Towards V – KpopHit

BTS‘s Jin is warming many hearts yet again after his sweet and kind gesture for V.


During the red carpet program at the 34th Golden Disk Awards, V accidentally tripped on his own feet while him and the rest of BTS were posing for the cameras. The embarrassment in V’s face was clearly seen, but he immediately got back up on his two feet to resume posing.


V probably felt really embarrassed because when a fan asked him about how his knees are after the incident, he replied that a lot happened, but why remember that exact moment.

What Jin did when V fell warmed many ARMYs’ hearts! He proved just how much he cared about V as his hyung and as a friend!

When V tripped, Jin fell on his knees on purpose without hesitation to help him feel a little less embarrassed and awkward about what happened.

Netizens are praising Jin for his adorable and touching sense, and ARMYs are crying at how sweet this is of Jin!


Thankfully, no injuries happened and the MC even praised V for being healthy!


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