BTS’s Jin And Suga Share Some Hidden Information With ARMY About Another Two Members In “Run BTS!” – KpopHit

On the latest Run BTS! episode, BTS began by playing some games with the theme of university Membership Training.

To warm the group up, they started with a classic attendance game. Each member has to point at another member but call out a different name and, whoever name was called out has to respond despite not being directly looked or pointed at!

It seems easy, right?


Although the game started strong, ARMY eventually saw some weaknesses in their game. From Jimin not fully understanding the game rules to some of the members being slow on their turn, it quickly became chaotic.


Even though Jin was quick to scold Jimin for not knowing the rules, he quickly fell to the game’s intricacies. Rather than calling out a members’ name, Jin called on someone called Min!


Suga was very confused as Jin pointed to him and shouted this new name! The members thought Jin was telling ARMY about the 8th member of BTS!


Once Jin clarified that he was calling Jimin, the game continued until another member made a mistake or revealed another secret. On Suga’s go, he called out “Oseok.” Once again, the other members were very confused!



Could Suga have also been revealing some information about another hidden member of BTS? Are there actually nine members in the group?


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