BTS’s Jimin Posts Teary-Eyed Emoji And Message Over Jin’s First Birthday In The Military

BTS‘s Jimin and Jin have the most precious friendship!

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December 4, 2023 marks the first birthday Jin has celebrated in the military without his fellow BTS members since he enlisted last year on December 13. However, Jimin was determined to do his best to make it special!

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Jimin left a message on Weverse at midnight on Jin’s birthday, setting the tone that this may be one of the few birthdays he has to celebrate on his own!

Jin hyung‘s birthday without Jin hyung.

— Jimin

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He also took to Instagram to share some heartfelt photos of precious memories.

Happy birthday 😢

— Jimin

| @j.m/Instagram

One photo was from the filming of BTS’s Winter Package and also featured Jungkook.

| @j.m/Instagram 

Another captured a funny behind-the-scenes moment while filming a music video when Jimin took a hilarious photo of Jin!

| @j.m/Instagram

He never misses an opportunity!

Screenshot 2023-12-04 132652
| @j.m/Instagram

We can add this photo to his collection of funny Jin photos he posts for his birthday.

Eventually, Jin came online to post a message to fans, and Jimin showed his support through a Weverse comment.

| Weverse

Fans have noticed just how much Jimin misses his precious hyung thanks to all of the posts he made not only for his birthday, but ever since the beginning of his enlistment.

We all miss Jin so much!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter



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