BTS’s Jimin Helped His Friend’s Business Take off by Wearing Her Pants on Stage – KpopHit

Last November, BTS uploaded a concert rehearsal video on their official YouTube account showcasing Jimin‘s flawless dance moves.

What especially stood out to fans was the pants that he was wearing, which appeared to have a skirt layered on top.

As soon as the video was released, fans were quick to track down where the unique pants were from.

After much searching, it was revealed that the pants were made by Seon Jin, a friend of Jimin, who met Jimin at Busan High School of Arts.

Seon Jin is a famous YouTuber who creates content related to makeup and dance, but she took it a step further and entered the clothing market with her “Seonjin Pants”.

And the pants Jimin wore during rehearsals were the same “Seonjin Pants”.

Although her pants are not designer or expensive, they started selling like hotcakes once her friend Jimin wore it on stage.

Jimin’s level of loyalty is making fans react with responses such as “Jimin is such a good friend“, “He’s so loyal“, and “Those pants look really good on Jimin“.

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