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October 13 marks a very special day for many K-Pop fans because it is BTS Jimin‘s birthday! Alongside seeing some of the members’ hilarious messages, Jimin managed to talk with ARMYs through a live broadcast despite the group’s busy schedule.

BTS’s Jimin | BTS/ VLIVE

Although when he is on stage, Jimin is known for being powerful and commanding any audience, many ARMYs know that he is also extremely shy, especially when he isn’t with his members. So, it wasn’t surprising to many when Jimin was absolutely adorable during the broadcast and said, “I miss my members. I wish just one of them would come.


Luckily, before Jimin could feel too awkward, Jungkook appeared on the phone while he was exercising. While on the call, Jimin asked Jungkook when he would finish exercising before adding, “When you finish can you come help celebrate my birthday? I’m on VLIVE right now, but why is it so awkward.


Although Jungkook asked why it would be awkward, Jimin didn’t have to wait long for his birthday wish to come true. Dressed in his athletic wear, the group’s youngest member came to help celebrate with Jimin. He even lit the candle again and sang, “Happy Birthday.”


Before leaving, Jungkook added, “Jimin-ssi, you know I’m always cheering for you, right?” Yet, when Jungkook came back to give Jimin some water, another guest arrived to wish Jimin a happy birthday, and it was J-Hope!


From Jimin wishing for at least one member to join him, he was eventually greeted by two! If that wasn’t enough, Jungkook even had some fun by mimicking the time J-Hope spoiled the 3J “Butter” choreography on his own birthday broadcast.


Even though Jungkook and J-Hope explained that they were going to do other things, they still stayed to have a drink with Jimin, and it was definitely the sweetest thing.


The members have once again proved just how much they mean to each other, and they are definitely more like a family than just a group!


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