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Nobody was happier to see Jin in New Zealand than this trio!


On November 19, BTS released Bon Voyage 4, a travel-reality show that chronicles their trips abroad. Fans were so hyped to see Episode 1 that they caused the Weverse app to crash, and can’t stop talking about their favorite moments.


One of these moments was the reunion between JinJ-HopeJimin, and V. When BTS dropped preview photos for the show, before its release, some fans wondered if Jin had to fly in economy as a Run BTS! penalty. He appeared to be sitting in a different class than his members.


Episode 1 revealed that Jin had to take a later flight, due to an issue with his travel documentation.

When Jin finally arrived, his members were thrilled. J-Hope ran up to Jin, making monkey noises, and jumped on him.

Jimin also jump-hugged Jin (sans monkey noises).

V’s welcome was on the calmer side, but just as warm! They had only been apart for a few hours, but it felt more like days.

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