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BTS’s behind-the-scenes video for their performance on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show was recently uploaded to their official YouTube channel.


This performance, which was from September 2020, was uploaded recently with the option of five subtitle settings: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish.


Their “IDOL” performance in particular was meaningful in that they wore modernized hanbok clothing while performing at Gyeongbok-gung. For their performance of “Mikrokosmos”, they performed at the Gyeonghoeru.

We are writing history. This is the first time they have allowed us to perform at the Gyeonghoeru or Geunjeongjeon.

— RM

Jimin couldn’t help but be in awe with the beauty of it all. “Our cultural landmarks are truly beautiful”.


Initially, their behind-the-scenes video only provided English subtitles. But after being the first to perform at the Gyeongbokgung, it seems like that they have added subtitles in more languages to spread the culture of Korea to international fans.


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