BTS World official review

BTS World is a storytelling sim game from South Korea, developed by the well-known Netmarble Games, which features fictional stories for the members of BTS. It is a casual life simulation game that features a South Korean band called BTS and its members, who are put through fictional stories and situations. The player comes in as an employee of the Big Hit company and is tasked with managing the band.

Is this the beginning of your success story?

Will you be able to go back to your world?

It’s time to live your wildest dreams – jump right in!

This interesting concept is along the lines of a standard life sim game, but the fun part is that it presents real-life artists from South Korea. The player is tasked with managing their success, from debut to worldwide glory. However, the immersive experience begins with the real-life footage the members of the BTS band have made for this game, as they are all featured in-game as their original selves.

On Google Play, the BTS World Android game is hitting #1 as it has over 400k votes and reviews, with a 4.9-star rating now. On iTunes App Store, BTS World iOS is #6 in Adventure and also has 4.9 stars from over 96K ratings. The enormous success of this game transitions to other stores as well and has baffled and continues to baffle critics all over the web.


The main allure this mobile game offers is that it immerses the player fully in the role of a manager for this South Korean band. This includes not just managing the members as characters, getting them gigs, and sorting their characteristics, but it also means talking to the band. As a part of the game, the members of the BTS band have made a significant amount of live-action footage where they talk to you as their manager and discuss stuff connected to your relationship.

The players are working under the guise of an agency, which is your main interface where you check your daily itinerary, missions, manage band members, check conditions, and other stuff. The players can complete scheduled tasks and manage the singers to ensure their top performance, which will ensure the highest scores after mission completion.


The storyline begins in 2012 and from then on, the career and lives of the band members follow a fictional path, determined by the players’ gameplay choices. The player is offered two main modes, BTS Story and Another Story, and both come with their 3 respective sub-modes: Story, Mission, and Cinematic.

Dialogue with the band

The players are given 3 options to choose from when communicating with the band. They are interacting with the player via mobile phone. They send you text messages, call you, and feed you info via social media, and you are given a choice between 3 predetermined responses. This is fine given the fact that they had to manage this part somehow.


BTW World mobile game is an all too interesting concept. The developers have aimed to approach younger audiences and fans of the South Korean musical scene, with providing people with a bit of a manager sim game. It is a good move, for the game scored pretty high marks and reviews. More content and modes are promised soon, so try it if this kind of thing is your cup of tea.

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