BTS Were Wild AF On Their Road Trip, But Jimin Slept Right Through It

Van? Check. RV? Check. Chaotic friends who don’t know the meaning of “use your inside voice”? Triple check. Now, it’s time for a road trip!


On November 8, BTS released a new preview clip for their travel-reality show Bon Voyage 4. In it, they drive through New Zealand in two vehicles. In the van, we have Jin at the wheel with Suga and V.

All three sing-shout to the radio, into a walkie-talkie connecting them to the rest of their members. Jungkook drives the RV, RM‘s riding passenger, and J-Hope is in the back with a dozing Jimin.

It’s a good thing Jimin went with the RV crew. He was able to sleep through the walkie-talkie noise…


…but he would have had a much harder time sleeping through this!

Watch the clip here:

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