BTS V’s Cute Interaction With Female Backup Dancers Has ARMYs Jealous – KpopHit

He’s such a social butterfly!

BTS‘s V has the kindest interactions and conversations with everyone he meets. He humbly accepts compliments from staff…

…and even showed his love for a male backup dancer when he gave him a giant hug.

However, V’s interaction with three female backup dancers is what really caught fans’ attention!

During a live performance, he went up next to them and did a sexy dance move…

…making them burst into laughter!

With a big smile on his face, he even tried to imitate their dance moves.

As they bounced from side to side, he somehow fit in naturally!

As fast as he arrived, he quickly left to continue performing with the others. Just like that, he instantly made the dancers’ days even better!

Check out the full below.



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