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Get ready for an exhilarating episode of “Running Man” as Kim Taehyung aka BTS V and Yoo Seung Ho make their much-anticipated return! They’ll join the cast for an electrifying game of Tazza. Discover the exciting details, including the broadcast date of the upcoming of the show episode featuring BTS V and Yoo Seung Ho below!

“Running Man” Special Episode 

On November 20, News1 exclusively reported that V and Yoo Seung Ho have officially confirmed their appearance on the popular Korean variety show “Running Man.” The recording for this highly anticipated episode has already started today (11/20).

BTS V and Yoo Seung Ho| Pinterest
BTS V and Yoo SeungHo | Pinterest

Having made a guest appearance on “Running Man” before, both V and Yoo Seung Ho have left a lasting impression on viewers. Their previous appearances showcased their wit, charm, and ability to entertain.

Kim Taehyung or V graced the Korean variety show “Running Man” on September 10, following his solo album released on September 8. Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho made his first-ever appearance on a Korean variety show on October 8. He captured viewers’ attention with his memorable guest appearance on “Running Man.”

BTS V and Yoo Seung Ho Team Up in an Exciting Collaboration

HaHa, one of the regular cast members of the show came up with the idea to bring V and Yoo Seung Ho together for a special episode. He suggested creating a special show by inviting them, saying, “Seung Ho adapts very quickly. Let’s invite Yoo Seung Ho and V, and create a special show.” 

@tk_rue30 Running Man cast members request V to appear on their show again and compete with Actor Yoo Seung Ho Haha: Let’s call V and do this with Yoo Seung Ho. Truthfully, I’m more afraid of him than V right now. 👤We’ll call V and Yoo Seung Ho, and Haha: Look at his expression! 👤Play caramel Tazza. Do you want to come on the show again with V? V promised he would come back. He says he wants to play Tazza #kimtaehyung #taehyung #v #runningman #fypシ #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #tk_rue30 ♬ Run BTS – BTS

This unique idea has captured the attention of fans worldwide, who are eagerly anticipating the collaboration between V and Yoo Seung Ho. They can’t wait to witness the chemistry between these two stars and the enjoyable moments they will bring to the show.

Furthermore, during the “Running Man” episode on December 22, HaHa announced some exciting news. He shared that he had received a message from V, expressing his eagerness to appear on the show again for the Tazza game.

V: “When will the Tazza episode air?”

V: “I will be there shortly (as soon as you do)”

In addition, V also conveyed his desire to join the program again to Yang Se Chan during his fan meeting. This has led to speculation that V may return to the show in an upcoming episode.

BTS V and Yoo Seung Ha promised to return to "Running Man" | SBS & News1
BTS V and Yoo Seung Ha promised to return to “Running Man” | SBS & News1

Watch “Running Man” Episode Featuring V and Yoo Seung Ho

The upcoming appearances of these talented stars will infuse the show with a new vibrancy. After Jeon So Min’s departure, the show has decided not to recruit a new member immediately. Instead, it has opted for a guest system that will feature with the current members. This brings freshness, excitement, and allows for exploration of new possibilities.

Yoo Seung Ho’s second appearance in a variety program is something to be excited about. It allows him to showcase his comedic talent alongside V, ensuring an entertaining and engaging experience for viewers. Moreover, the collaboration between these stars promises a dynamic and hilarious presence on the show. So, get ready to see their unique wit and humor in action on “Running Man”!

Save the date! A special episode of “Running Man” featuring the highly awaited presence of BTS V and Yoo Seung Ho will air on December 3, 2023. It’s a must-watch episode.

In the meantime, enjoy watching their previous appearances on “Running Man” below:

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