BTS Jimin's 2019 MMA Solo Performance Shows The World He Was Born To Dance

At the 2019 Melon Music Awards, BTS members each prepared short dance solos — wowing the audience with much fascination throughout the performance.

BTS Main2

Jimin, as a member holding the official “BTS’s main dancer” position, put together a short modern dance piece to the group’s track “I Need U”…

bts jimin mma 2019

… and it has become the single most beautiful performing art ARMYs have witnessed yet.

Jimin 2

Jimin, dressed in all white and rising mysteriously from a sheet of sheer white fabric…

… looked like an angel, preparing to take off.

His performance brought pop music, modern dance, and even hints of some traditional Korean sounds and movements together…

… and ARMYs could not take their eyes off Jimin…

… not even for a split second, because he flew around the stage like a swan.

Jimin 3

Jimin was graceful, yet powerful…

… proving to the world once again that he was born to dance and perform…

… and to be loved for his flawless presence on stage.

Jimin final

When you’re ready, watch the full, breathtaking performance here:

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