BTS danced enthusiastically at KBS's year-end stage

KBS Gayo Daechukjae Held on today (December 27), quickly received the attention of Kpop fans by the participation of the ultimate line up and promising Speacial Stage.

KBS Gayo Daechukjae 2019: BTS enthusiastically trot music, quickly reached Global Trending Photos 0

Opening the program is Trot music performance with the full presence of artists, which made the fans excited. This vibrant performance received enthusiastic response from the artists, especially the boys BTS.

It seems the vibrant melody of Trot music has made the boys BTS could not help but dance and there are many “salty” dance scenes that made the fans “laugh”. Most notable is the oldest brother duo – the youngest (Jin – Jungkook), both of them harmonized with the dance routine. Too engrossed with his dance made Jin not dizzy and quickly asked to lose to his youngest brother.

Jin – Jungkook

It seems that Suga saw the “end” of Jin so he soon “surrendered” to the spinning dance with V. The expression of helplessness Suga makes ARMYs can’t stop laughing.

V – Suga

KBS Gayo Daechukjae 2019: BTS danced enthusiastically Trot music, quickly reached Top Trending Global Photos 1

If V can’t invite Suga to dance, don’t be sad, because Jimin will do it for Suga. Very quickly, the boys of 95 lines had a good dance with the enthusiastic response from the fans.

Jimin – V

It seems that ARMYs are all looking forward to BTS’s appearance on the show. That is why as soon as they appeared, the boys quickly reached Top Trending globally.

KBS Gayo Daechukjae 2019: BTS danced enthusiastically on Trot music, quickly reaching the Top Global Trending image 2

Let’s continue with SAOstar to follow the exciting moments of this special year-end event!

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