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In Los Angeles – where the first concert in BTS’s 2019 stadium tour titled “LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF” will take place, the festival atmosphere has soon covered everywhere.

Just stepping on the street is enough to feel the heat of BTS. Harry (66 years old) – an American taxi driver – said, “The teenagers here are crazy about BTS. I don’t know their faces but I know their names.” Fans who are rapturous for BTS include not only teenagers.

‘2019 BTS WORLD TOUR POP-UP STORE” in LA Brea also radiated intense heat. On opening day (April 30), from the opening time (10 am) to closing time (8 pm), the pop-up store was always crowded with ARMY from all over the world. On the afternoon of May 3 (US time), an endless line of people was still standing in line. The minimum waiting time is more than 20 minutes but it seemed to ARMY that waiting is also happiness.

Inside the pop-up store is truly a BTS world. Many fans stood in front of the wall showing BTS’s MVs to dance and sing along together. They also took photos with the BTS figures displayed in the store and when they got out, their hands were full of BTS souvenirs and goods.

The Rose Bowl stadium – where BTS and the fandom ARMY will meet each other through the concert – has completed all preparations. The place where the word “huge” is not enough to describe is adorned with a banner with the members’ faces. Outside the stadium, a large poster is also hung. Although the show has not started yet, even at the parking lot, the security check has been carried out thoroughly, from which the “gigantic” scale of this concert can be felt.

In the large square in front of the stadium, there are shops that sell goods and of course they were full of ARMY who came to buy BTS goods. The ARMY who filled the vast lawns, enthusiastically selected goods in great joy. In order to buy these goods, thousands of fans lined up to form an ever-lasting line from morning to evening.

Johnny (24 years old) who is living in LA carried a ton of BTS goods. He said, “Last year, when BTS came to LA, I was one of the people who waited in the tents. This time, I successfully booked a ticket. So I went to the pop-up and goods store to buy everything I like. I am very happy and honored that this is the place where BTS’s stadium tour begins. I will bring the most enthusiastic support for the artists who will perform the greatest concert.”

BTS will start the new tour “LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF” at Rose Bowl stadium, LA, the US at 7:30 pm (US time) May 4.

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