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In episode 140 of Run BTS!, BTS began the episode playing games under the theme of university Membership Training.

In the game Vroom Vroom, the players mimic a driver’s actions, such as extending their arms out. When the director calls out “left turn,” the player must lean right. Likewise, if “right turn” is called out, then the player must lean left. Players must jump on “speed bump,” lean backward on “go,” and lean forward on “abrupt stop.”


Before they started playing, the director asked the members if they had their licenses, opening up the opportunity for all those with a license to tease the one who doesn’t have one. RM had to confess that he doesn’t have a license, but he joked that he would consider the game a driving test.


The members, of course, started to clown RM for being the odd man out! V suggested that he play the game as if he were on his bicycle. Suga recommended he “drive” as if it were a tank.


In the first round of the game, almost immediately, a couple of members made mistakes. While RM wasn’t the only one guilty, the members all targeted him, saying that this is why an unlicensed driver shouldn’t play.


Without discussion, the members voted RM out of the game as they told him he should stick to bicycling and walking. RM defended himself one last time, “Let’s think about the environment.”


The director then pointed out that there was another player who made a mistake. It was none other than the most qualified driver of all, Jin, driving for ten years. J-Hope, on the other hand, remained undetected, although he was also guilty.


Whether you’ve driven for a decade or just since yesterday, you can still make mistakes!


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