BTS Announce The Dates And Locations For Their

BTS and BigHit Entertainment have finally announced the upcoming official tour dates for their “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR”!

Starting from April to September, BTS will be touring all over the world to celebrate the release of their new album, “MAP OF THE SOUL 7”!

bts map of the soul tour dates 1

They also released a special graphic for their first shows, which will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

bts map of the soul tour dates 2

BTS have already begun gearing up for their new album release as teasers and special events are popping up all throughout February until the official album release on February 21.

To celebrate their new album, BTS will be going on a world tour to meet all of their global fans once again!

bts map of the soul tour dates 1

Prepare for another round of ticketing wars by checking out their two tracks off of their new album, “Shadow” and “Black Swan”!

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