Brave Entertainment Stuns Fans with New Girl Group — ‘Wow, so excited to..’

Brave Entertainment, the powerhouse behind BB Girls’ (formerly Brave Girls) meteoric rise, has now set its sights on a fresh endeavor with the introduction of Candy Shop. This marks a significant milestone for the company, launching its first girl group in over a decade.

Candy Shop made a resounding entrance into the music realm with their debut performance video titled “Candy Shop – Dance Performance #1.”

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The four-member rookie group exhibited remarkable talent and charisma, instantly capturing the attention of K-pop enthusiasts worldwide.

Candy Shop
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Candy Shop

Symbolism Behind the Name

With a moniker like Candy Shop, the group aims to encapsulate the essence of youth and connection. The name, derived from “CAtch N Draw Youth” and “Shop,” embodies their aspiration to be the voice of their generation, offering a diverse array of musical flavors akin to various candies.

Prior to their official debut, Candy Shop tantalized fans with glimpses of their potential through strategic social media teasers. The release of their logo motion graphic hinted at the vibrant and eclectic concepts the group intends to explore, setting the stage for a highly anticipated debut.

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Netizens’ Reaction

Here are the reactions of netizens as Brave Entertainment launches a new girl group after a 13-year hiatus.

“Super cute and talented “
“I hope the company cares and respects them”
“wow!!! so excited to see this group”
“My gawd how beautiful”
“so gorgeous”
“how will I know the girls’ names”
“Lets Go!!Candy Shop”

“okay not the kind of ‘candy shop’ I imagined”
“When will the Handicap debut?”
“Names Of The Members ??”
“Who is the girl in the cap?”

Brave Entertainment’s decision to launch Candy Shop after a significant hiatus since BB Girls’ debut underscores their commitment to nurturing fresh talent and innovating within the industry. With Candy Shop slated for a debut in the first half of the year, the company is poised to make waves once again.

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Written by Cassidy Jones.

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