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Article: ‘Marry My Husband’ BoA kisses Lee Yi Kyung “Kill Park Min Young for me”

Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+150, -2] Her mouth looks like a fish’s lips, actually, her whole face does;;

[+97, -2] Why can’t she stick to singing, why is she ruining our drama like this!

– [+34] Seriously.. it was so good when it was all real actors. Ever since BoA joined, her awkward acting and plastic face is ruining the immersion for me. I don’t even want to watch anymore… I’d rather catch reruns and fastforward through them. 

– [+14] Because she isn’t making that much as a singer anymore…

– [+9] She’s making the drama so boring~ please just stick to singing and get out of acting. This is so bad…

[+35, -0] I can’t focus on the drama at all because all I see is the bottom half of her face…

[+24, -1] The plot is headed towards the mountains

[+8, -0] Ugh, BoA totally ruins the vibe in every scene. How was she cast? Facial expressions, her face, the tone, it’s all a mess…

[+4, -0] Stop the plastic surgery, stop the acting

[+3, -0] Is SM an investor in this drama??? 

[+2, -0] This drama feels more and more like Lee Yi Kyung and Song Ha Yoon are dragging it forward by the collar

[+1, -0] Song Ha Yoon’s acting is great, though

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