BLOCK B's Zico, P.O, Park Kyung, Jaehyo, And Taeil Reunite For The First Time In A Long Time

BLOCK B‘s Zico, P.O, Park KyungJaehyo, and Taeil reunited for the first time in a long time and the members uploaded the photos onto their Instagram accounts to celebrate!

Taeil revealed that they met up to celebrate his first vacation since enlisting in the military.

Caption: “My first vacation is spent at a pocha”


And Zico wished health for all of his members.

Caption: “To be healthy”


It’s been a long time since BLOCK B members reunited since Zico decided to not renew his contract back in November 2018, while the remaining members renewed their contracts. Despite his departure, BLOCK B is still a 7-member group and will promote all together once again.

Jaehyo, Taeil, and B-Bomb are currently serving their mandatory military enlistment and the remaining members are scheduled to enlist within the next few years.

block b reunion 2019

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