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BLOCK B’s Park Kyung drops humorous music video teaser for ‘귀차니스트’

Park Kyung previously announced that he would be coming back with ‘귀차니스트‘.

The BLOCK B member will come back with his single album on the 23rd of May.

귀차니스트‘ is a popular term that refers to someone who is unbothered and in ways lazy.

Check out the music video teaser below!

The teaser starts off with Park Kyung searching up his name and the song title into his own search engine. The results are mainly articles of himself on Korean variety talk show ‘Radio Star’. After scrolling for a bit Park Kyung then leans against a table. He has a cup in his hand and is dressed in a nice outfit making him appear very proper. He stares at the floor for a few minutes before exaggeratedly makes hand gestures.

The music playing in the teaser is very fun and groovy. It sounds a little cheeky which seems to fit perfectly with Park Kyung‘s antics.

What are your thoughts on the teaser? Tell us in the comments below!

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