BLACKPINK's Rose Has A Doppelganger — And The Look-A-Like Doesn't Think They're Similar At All

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is as beautiful as flowers and just all around likable, so most people would be ecstatic to be compared to the talented visual.


However, Alissa Shin isn’t like most people. The Korean American social influencer from Los Angeles is proud to be her own person, and despite an undeniable uncanny resemblance to Rosé, she has taken a firm stance denying any similiarities between the two.

I personally do not believe that I look like her and I am not trying to either.

— Alissa Shin

Social influencer Alissa Shin | Source: alissashin/Instagram

Shin apparently received hate comments from fans of the singer who believed she was trying to capitalize off of BLACKPINK’s popularity. In a statement toward netizens, she said: “Do not assume that I am changing my whole lifestyle/appearance to look like someone because I know that I am Allissa Shin, not Rose.” Shin went on to clarify that she didn’t have any negative feelings towards Rosé, but wanted to make things clear to those who have been sending her rude comments.

I do not dislike Rose. I genuinely cannot feel a particular way about Rose as I do not know how much about her. So I hope you don’t misinterpret this.

— Alissa Shin

BLACKPINK’s Rosé at a YSL event

Despite denying seeing any resemblance, the Angeleno beauty expressed that it was the hate comments she found offputting, not the comparisons being drawn.

If people are excited because they believe that I resemble their favorite idol, then I am genuinely glad. If I found someone who like my favorite celebrity, I would be ecstatic as well LOL I really do not mind if others tell me that they think I resemble her, but what I do mind is when people are being toxic and making false accusations.

— Alissa Shin

Social influencer Alissa Shin | Source: alissashin/Instagram

What do you think of the matter? Do you see the resemblance, or do you think haters are grasping at straws?

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