BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gains Love For Nailing NCT Taeyong’s Iconic “Kick It” Moves – KpopHit

Ever since NCT 127‘s track “Kick It” was released, it became a favorite among fans and other idols. Many idols covered the dance, making sure to do Taeyong‘s signature finger move with flair.


Joining that list of idols is BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, who nailed it so well that fans praised her for doing it justice.


In episode four of Youth With You‘s third season, Lisa monitored a trainee group practicing “Kick It”. Noticing they were missing the choreography’s details, mentor Lisa stopped them and showed them how to improve.

She instructed them to lower their bodies to make their moves sharper and add more movements to their waves.

When Lisa put all the moves together and demonstrated how it should look, she perfectly nailed the vibe and movements that Taeyong’s flair added to the choreography.

The clip quickly made its way to NCTzens, who were impressed by how well Lisa interpreted the dance—right down to the smallest details.

Since it was only the chorus of the choreography, fans are hoping for a full dance cover. Until then, watch Lisa flex her amazing skills by doing “Kick It” justice—especially Taeyong’s signature details.


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