BLACKPINK's Lisa Captures Jennie's Inner Mermaid In New Instagram Pics

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been on an Instagram posting spree, blessing BLINK with stunning photos, intense videos, and cute stories. While each of the posts is making hearts flutter, there is one set of photos, in particular, that is leaving fans feeling more than a little attacked not only because of Jennie’s heart-stopping visuals but also because of Lisa‘s incredible photography skills.

Image: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Within a single hour’s time on February 24, Jennie dropped 4 different posts and a few Instagram stories for fans. While the first two posts gave everyone a look at her intense visuals for Vogue

And the third showcased her Chanel power…

It was the fourth post that really caught everyone’s attention. Shining in blue and bringing some serious mermaid vibes, Jennie left everyone reeling with her beauty.

The photos not only captured Jennie’s beauty, however. They also highlighted Lisa’s jaw-dropping photography skills. As the photographer for that photoshoot session, Lisa once again proved she is a true master of the art. Just look at the play of light and the angles she used!

So not only did fans get some absolutely stunning photos of Jennie but they also got to take in Lisa’s gorgeous photography skills too! You just can’t beat that!

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