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BLACKPINK‘s Jennie may be a certified fashionista, a member of one of the biggest girl groups in the world, and a highly recognized celebrity in South Korea, but she never forgets her roots.

She has such a generous heart that she goes all out when treating her fans!

When BLACKPINK returned with “Kill This Love” in April 2019, Jennie prepared presents for BLINKs who supported their comeback stage in MBC‘s Music Core. A truck unloaded 400 packages of HERA products which Jennie paid for herself.

One of the banners on the truck read, “Today Jennie is paying for HERA”.

The gift bags included HERA foundation and lip stain, the brand Jennie endorses, and photocards of the idol.

With each foundation costing ₩60,000 (around $50) and the lip stain ₩40,000 (around $35), the estimated cost of all of the gifts was an astounding $34,000. This approximation does not even include the packaging and labor of the products!

Jennie is known for her generous nature, previously gifting fans Yankee candles and coffee for those who supported her “SOLO” stage.


She’s a giving queen!

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