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The members of BLACKPINK don’t mind having a little fun with each other through funny pranks. Being the maknae, Lisa can be one of the most playful among them.

This time, though, it wasn’t even a prank she’d been aware of. Somehow, Jennie had mistaken her for a ghost.

During the group’s online fan signing, a BLINK received the chance to chat with Jennie. Little did they know, it would turn into a hilarious moment. The fan had only wanted to show Jennie a photo of Lisa.

When Jennie laid eyes on the photo, she soon showed this adorable expression while stating that she’d been scared by it. What photo had it been?

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The fan revealed that it had been this one. Wearing black from head to toe, Lisa looked elegant and mysterious. If Jennie was seeing it live through a phone’s camera, it’s understandable that it would look quite different than it would usually because of the drop in quality.

Once the fan told Jennie it was merely a photo of Lisa, all of her fear drained away. Instead, she’d laughed up a storm from the mistake and how scared she’d become from it.

After all, there’s nothing scary about Lisa—unless she’s entered her mentor mode.

It looks like Lisa can play a trick on Jennie without even trying.

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