BLACKPINK ‘JenLisa’ and BTS ‘TaeKook’ Are Nominated For Bousnid’s ‘Favorite Friendship’ Award – KpopHit

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Which K-pop ship will win?

The interest of K-pop fans and supporters of BLACKPINK and BTS rose as the two well-known groups were nominated for Bousnid Awards 2020.

In particular, BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa (JenLisa), as well as BTS Taehyung (V) and Jungkook (TaeKook), were selected as candidates for the “Favorite Friendship” category. The members of the K-pop groups are set to battle along with One Direction’s Louis and Harry (Larry), Camila and Lauren (Camren), Boggi and Ivan (Boggivan), “Liean,” and “Joerick.”

As there are only two K-pop groups nominated for the category, K-pop fans, particularly BLINKs and ARMYs (BLACKPINK and BTS respective fandoms), prove their power and influence as they continuously vote to help the groups advance to the final round.

BLACKPINK's 'JenLisa' and BTS 'TaeKook' Are Nominated For Bousnid's

(Photo : Twitter)

The voting process for the first round had already started on Dec. 13, and the voting will end on Dec. 20, Sunday. According to Bousnid’s official Instagram account, only four teams will fight for the last time starting Dec. 21, which is only five days from now.

BLACKPINK's 'JenLisa' and BTS 'TaeKook' Are Nominated For Bousnid's

(Photo : Instagram)

In addition to this, the fandom of top K-pop groups such as EXO’s Exo-l, BTS’s Armys, and BLACKPINK’s Blinks was also nominated for the “Fandom of the Year” award, in which the fierce battle already started on Dec. 9.

The voting period will also end on Dec. 21, and the Grand finals will take place on Dec. 27.

BLACKPINK's 'JenLisa' and BTS 'TaeKook' Are Nominated For Bousnid's

(Photo : Instagram)

BLACKPINK's 'JenLisa' and BTS 'TaeKook' Are Nominated For Bousnid's

(Photo : Instagram)

Lastly, BTS V and BLACKPINK Lisa are also competing for the “Star Award” 2020, and anticipations of K-pop fans are rising if they will pass through the semi-finals with the help of each groups’ fandoms.

Bousnid is an online platform and source for trending content based in Mexico. According to their social media platforms, “Bousnid Awards” is an award that holds a significant value as the winners will be decided with the help of their own fandoms.

Every Monday, the stars’ photos will be uploaded to their SNS accounts, and fans can vote through comments.

In particular, for a comment to become valid, the hashtags #BousnidStars2020 #Bousnid should be added, along with a “+/#/@ of the nominees.

BLACKPINK's 'JenLisa' and BTS 'TaeKook' Are Nominated For Bousnid's

(Photo : Twitter)

It will end every Friday and the two artists or fandom that won the most comment will secure their spot for the next round until the finals. Also, a “like” or follow to their main pages are a must to validate their votes.

On the other hand, Jennie and Lisa, members of BLACKPINK, have been proving their unrivaled friendship since their debut. Not only were they in sync when doing things, but the two were also snuggly with each other. They were are also very supportive of each other’s individual activities, just like how BLACKPINK Lisa visited Jennie on one of her photoshoots!

BLACKPINK's 'JenLisa' and BTS 'TaeKook' Are Nominated For Bousnid's

(Photo : Pinterest)

Meanwhile, Jungkook and Taehyung (prominently known as V) have been friends for long years already, even before their debut. Jungkook even revealed that they were actually “partners-in-crime” and the two are always together, even when they were being scolded! “TaeKook” understand each other the most, and they also inspire and influence each other while growing as individuals and BTS members.

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