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Up to now, Kpop has experienced more than 10 years of change and development. Over 4 generations of idols, each stage brings diverse music colors and creates different achievements. Generation 1 is positioned in South Korea, Generation 2 is reaching out to Asia, Generation 3 is breaking through in the world, Generation 4 is a promising successor, all making a strong Kpop today. all over the world. To celebrate 10 years of Kpop's outstanding development, Billboard has selected the top 25 albums of the decade to honor the breakthrough products in the past 10 years.

1.Pink Tape – f (x) (2013)

No one can deny that Pink Tape is the most successful album of f (x), the most creative of SM and the most unique Kpop to date. From concept, song to cover design, it all made a perfect album. Pink Tape was released in 2013, but until now has always been one of the albums received the highest rating for quality. Idol albums are often underestimated in terms of thinking, but Pink Tape proved that even the most mainstream pop music can be the place to promote art and creativity.

 Album Pink Tape - f (x) Album Pink Tape – f (x)

2. Modern Times – IU (2013)

Modern Times is the album that confirms the maturity of IU's music, she has escaped from the image of a girl in the neighborhood Good dayThe artistry is in the way IU combines bossa nova with swing and folk sound when creating a modern spin on music.

 Album Modern Times - IU Album Modern Times – IU

3. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever – BTS (2016)

Before "exploding" worldwide popularity, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. twelfth BTS is an important step in the career of 7 boys, the album series has conveyed meaningful messages about youth, empathy and inspiration for fans. With this album, BTS made a breakthrough I Need U, Dope, and officially broke the status of "the silver spoon with Baepsae.

 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever - BTS The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever – BTS

4. Reboot – Wonder Girl (2915)

Wonder Girls returned to the '80s on the album Reboot In 2015, the girls learned the instruments and played live music like a real band. In this album, Wonder Girls showed off from impressive dance-pop, synth-rock, to old hip-hop. Even the members wrote most of the songs themselves.

 Album Reboot - Wonder Girls Album Reboot – Wonder Girls

5. Perfect Velvet – Red Velvet (2017)

Red Velvet is always known as the group that owns a very different music style. The music that Red Velvet pursues is very diverse, even picky. Perfect Velvet is an album that marks a whole new color in Kpop, the title song Peek-A-Boo carries a strange but equally addictive melody, bringing Red Velvet to the group that owns the unique Kpop top concept.

 Album Perfect Relvet - Red Velvet Album Perfect Relvet – Red Velvet

6. Basic – Brown Eyed Girls (2015)

Brown Eyed Girls has named this album Basic because all the songs come from the most basic things. Those are cozy retro-pop vibes in Warm Hole, disco's Brave New World and a little funky of Wave made a great album.

 Basic Album - Brown Eyed Girls Basic Album – Brown Eyed Girls

7. Melting – MAMAMOO (2016)

Since its debut in 2014, MAMAMOO has quickly risen to the big charts. Album Melting marked the true success of MAMAMOO on the Kpop stage. This album is also a statement about the diversity of MAMAMOO's music style.

 Album Melting - MAMAMOO Album Melting – MAMAMOO

8. Rescue – Younha (2017)

Through the elegant tone of Rescue, Younha gave fans an album that brought a source of hope, a listening experience that reflected on people's hard times and conveyed bright messages to help overcome pain.

 Album Rescue - Younha Album Rescue – Younha

9. She Is – Jonghyun (2016)

She Is Jonghyun built with floating R&B is the main element with electronic and funk elements filtered throughout the album, giving fans the feeling of soaking in every listen. The story and the inner voice of Jonghyun help She Is become one of the marks in the music career of the late artist.

 Album She Is - Jonghyun Album She Is – Jonghyun

10. She's Fine – Heize (2019)

Heize has always been called one of the “digital queens” of Kpop, her products have a style that only she can do. Continue with the rain motif, track Umbrella Calls For Rain the same jazz melody imprinted on the music souls of many people.

 She's Fine - Heize album She's Fine – Heize album

11. The Story of Light: Epilogue – SHINee (2018)

Despite being the first new album since Jonghyun's departure, but The Story of Light: Epilogue Not an album about loss. Instead, there are optimistic love songs like I Want You with the hidden lyrics: "I hope you will come to me with a different end than the last. ”

 The Story of Light: Epilogue - SHINee The Story of Light: Epilogue – SHINee

12. PLAY – AKMU (2014)

AKMU has more or less ensured the expectation of having a successful debut album after winning at Kpop Star, Play is the official album that takes the duo far beyond the champion silhouette in Kpop Star, confirming their unique name in Kpop ring.


13. Lipstick – Orange Caramel (2012)

With bobbing wigs, nose vocals and extreme cosplay. Orange Caramel is extremely successful with his unique music style. 3 girls are one of the most successful small groups to date.

 Lipstick - Orange Caramel Lipstick – Orange Caramel

14. Sunrise – Day6 (2017)

Day6 is famous for the music of sadness, loneliness and nostalgia. But Sunrise brought a very different feeling, that is the romance from the first love in the morning.

 Album Sunrise - DAY6 Album Sunrise – DAY6

15. Street – EXID (2016)

No place is more charismatic and refined than EXID's Street album, from Cream's deep house melody to the disco's new influences Are You Hungry ?. One of the things that made the success of Street was thanks to Kpop cult producerShinsadong Tiger.

 Street Album - EXID Street Album – EXID

16. Love Shot – EXO (2018)

It's rare for any Kpop group to release an album continuously like EXO at the peak of their career, Love Shot marked EXO's dramatic transformation through a sexy, masculine style and dance moves that were all "killing-part".

 Love Shot - EXO Love Shot – EXO

17. Please Come Back – Kahi (2011)

Kahi's solo debut has given her alluring aspects. Main single Come Back You Bad Person showed Kahi's ability to seamlessly transition from light to hip-hop songs.

 Please Come Back - Kahi Please Come Back – Kahi

18. Crush – 2NE1 (2014)

While K-pop in the United States at this time has not really exploded, Crush has excelled at number 61 on the Billboard 200.

 Crush - 2NE1 Crush – 2NE1

19. Shoebox – Epik High (2014)

This is Epik High's second album after joining YG Entertainment. Shoebox It tells the story of Epik High's actions as an artist, ignoring the boundaries between philosophy and provocation, optimism and despair to create a Happy Ending, Born Hater most perfect.

 Shoebox - Epik High Shoebox – Epik High

20. WINGS – BTS (2016)

For Wings, 2016 followed by a spectacular breakthrough of BTS, at the time The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, with their ambition to dominate the globe, Wings proved that they could be loyal to their hip-hop music but still discover new and successful music from around the world.

 Album WINGS - BTS Album WINGS – BTS

21. Verse 2 – JJ Project (2017)

JJ Project consists of JB and Jr (now Jinyoung), this is the duo paving the way for the debut of GOT7. The duo stirred up Kpop a few years ago with a combination of rap, dubstep and rock in the song Bounce. 5 years later, the two boys changed their style completely with Verse 2 and soft songs, showing the strength of both voices.

 VERSE 2 - JJ Project VERSE 2 – JJ Project

22. Alive EP – BIGBANG (2012)

Alive is the time when BIGBANG officially became a symbol in the field of music production. All of the songs on the album became hits, that is Fanstatic Baby, Bad Boy, Blue… This is something that not many groups can do. This album is one of BIGBANG's most legendary albums in a successful music career.


23. First Sensibility – B.A.P (2014)

B.A.P is known as a talented group but because of the poor management of the company, they disbanded regretfully. At the time of their debut, B.A.P was extremely successful with their first studio album First Sensibility, especially the song 1004 brought the boys' names closer to the public.

 First Sensibility - B.A.P First Sensibility – B.A.P

24. Fancy You – Twice (2019)

It can be said that Fancy You is a "quantum leap" of TWICE when owning the most different style compared to the previous songs of the group, Fancy produced by Charli XCX, MNEK and the "father" of the national hit series Black Eyed Pilseung.

 Fancy Album - TWICE Fancy Album – TWICE

25. Kwon Ji Yong – G-Dragon (2017)

In addition to the unique album shape, all the songs that appear in Kwon Ji Yong clearly show the ego and music personality of BIGBANG leader like Untitled, 2014, BULLSH * T, Super star, Middle Fingers Up and Divina Commedia.

 Album Kwon Ji Yong - G-Dragon Album Kwon Ji Yong – G-Dragon

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