Big Hit Entertainment Allegedly Planning To Acquire Cube Entertainment

Recently, it was observed that Cube Entertainment had a surge in stock prices, recording reaching an upper limit in the market. People believe it’s because Big Hit Entertainment is planning to acquire the company.

bighit building12

As of November 8, Cube Entertainment’s sticks went up by 25.54% from the previous trading day.

cube ent

People from the official investment industry predicated that Big Hit Entertainment would speed up its business diversification to minimize risks caused by the BTS members’ enlistment. BTS’s impact on the company is enormous, and earning deteriorating is inevitable as they enlist one by one.

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Big Hit Entertainment has already acquired Source Music, home to girl group GFRIEND. They are currently holding auditions for a new girl group. Big Hit Entertainment’s move to grow their company by acquiring Cube Entertainment is increasing even more attention.

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