Bang Ye Dam Opens up About Leaving YG Entertainment, TREASURE

Bang Ye Dam has shed light on his departure from YG Entertainment and his decision to embark on a solo career. He also dispelled fans’ speculations about group dynamics within the now 10-member act TREASURE.

In a recent interview with Korean media, the 21-year-old singer addressed his departure from the agency, along with his continued connection with his former teammates. Moreover, he also elaborated on his solo debut album, ONLY ONE. 

To recall, Bang Ye Dam‘s journey to debut as a solo artist was highly anticipated since his commendable performances on the reality competition show K-Pop Star 2 in 2012 and 2013. After being a trainee for several years, he participated in the reality program YG Treasure Box, where the group TREASURE was formed. In August 2020, TREASURE made their official debut as a 12-member group.

However, in May 2022, YG Entertainment announced that Ye Dam, along with Mashiho, would be taking a hiatus from group activities. According to the agency,  Ye Dam would be focusing on his career as a producer and dedicating time to study music. 

In November 2022, YG Entertainment confirmed that both Ye Dam and Mashiho were parting ways with the agency.

Many fans were surprised at his departure, as Ye Dam had been with YG Entertainment for nine years. Seven of these were with him as a trainee and two years as a member of TREASURE. 

On leaving YG Entertainment and TREASURE

Although he left YG Entertainment, Bang Ye Dam shared that he learned a lot under the agency. “As a trainee, I refined my color and gained a lot of experience,” he said. The idol also explained that his desire to develop his skill as a producer has led to his official departure.

Moreover, the focus on his role in TREASURE following the announcement of his debut in the group became “really heavy” for him, as admitted by the artist.

Despite these, Ye Dam emphasized that there is no animosity between him and his former TREASURE members. He clarified that they remain in contact, offering mutual support despite his busy schedule with the album.

“I always contact and keep in touch with the members. Recently, I haven’t been able to contact them well because I’ve been preparing for the album, but the members cheer me on a lot and ask how I’m doing,” he said. 

Bang Ye Dam as a solo artist

As he officially makes his solo debut, the idol shares that he feels “liberated” to be given the freedom to be heavily involved in the creation of his music. 

When asked what he wants fans to see in his solo album,  he said: “I wanted to show what color I have, what kind of music I want to do, and how good I am. It’s filled with music that’s for the general public and looking at it, I tried to show my sense of music and vocal skills.”

Currently, Ye Dam is under the agency GF Entertainment. 

Featured image: Bang Ye Dam poses in the concept photo for his solo album ‘Only One.’ Credit: Twitter/Ye Dam


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